July 13th, 2011


Sorry ^^

I'm sorry it's taking so long to post the next chapter of Forgotten Tears. I'm just slow. So I'll announce that I have gotten new crap. :D I went shopping today. I got 5 shirts and two pairs of pants.
Monster High Draculaura Shirt(score!)
Land Before Time "BFF's For EVER EVER" Shirt(Those movies were my life as a kid. xD)
Skull with bow Shirt
Unicorn NOM NOM NOM Shirt
Smiley face with HUGE glasses that says "NERDY" Shirt(I love it. It made me think of Si. xD)

The pants are just regular skinny jeans. :P 

Doll related news is that I got a cute Claire's Panda Hoodie. :D

Cute, huh? 

Anyway I know no one actually reads this..but..thanks for reading. :D

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