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20 Things About Me

1. I am turning 17 on August 24.
2. I have a somewhat borderline obsessive love for The Fairly OddParents.
3. I ADORE gay men.
4. I love Yaoi.
5. I have never watched a scary movie without my best friend.
6. My best friend means more to me than anything on this earth.
7. I like male dolls more than female dolls.
8. I don't ever wear dresses, but I actually do like them.
9. I usually dress in all black.
10. I love randomly saying the word "fish" but I actually hate fish and anything to do with them.
11. I LOVE music box music. It's the best. <3
12. I like feminine looking men.
13. I suppose I qualify as bisexual.
14. I love anime and manga.
15. Almost all of my friends are younger than me.
16. I don't have many friends IRL.
17. I am over-emotional and cry a lot.
18. I can't see without my glasses.
19. My favorite hair and eye color combinations are black hair and blue eyes and blonde hair and green eyes.
20. I'm very lazy and forgetful and often forget to eat.

That's a little bit about me. Thanks for reading!
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