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~Forgotten Tears~ Chapter 1: Children

Welcome to the first chapter of my new picfic, Forgotten Tears! I'm posting it here on LJ because every time I post a picfic somewhere else it ends up getting lost. yay. -_-
Warning: This picfic contains pedophilia, homosexuality, child abuse, murder, stalkers, and lots of other crap. Although not all in this particular chapter, please proceed with caution.
Thank you for reading!
Note: Damien was originally supposed to be from the 1500's, but I don't have clothes from that this can be anytime you wish. I put on the oldest clothes I had for them. Enjoy.
Note 2: DOLLS ARE PLAYING CHARACTERS THAT THEY ARE NOT. Normally I wouldn't do this, but since this picfic involves the childhoods of lots of my dolls, my dals have to play them as children. Thanks.
NOW you can read :D Enjoy enjoy enjoy. Damien was a very messed up child. :D
Long Long Ago....

*Children are playing*

Little Boy: *pushes little girl and laughs*

Older Girl: Damien!! Be nice!

Damien: Don't tell me what to do.

Little Girl: *runs to older girl* T,T

Damien: *walks off*

Little Girl: *sniffles* Gwyn, why is he so mean to me?
Gwyn: I don't know dear..I really don't.. What is wrong with that boy?
Later that day...

Little Girl: *playing with her doll*

Damien: *comes up behind her* Oh Clarissa~
Clarissa: D-Damien..hello, brother.
Damien: Playing with your doll? I know a game that's much more fun~

Clarissa: Mother said to stop playing games with you..I always get hurt..
Damien: Oh she did, did she? Well..I guarantee you mother and father play this game a LOT~

Clarissa: *perks up* Really?

Damien: Yes~ But you can't tell anyone about our game, okay?
Clarissa: Okay!

Damien: Excellent. Let's go "play" in my room.

To Be Continued...

Okay, now that that's done, let me give you a bit of info so you won't be confused:
Clarissa is very sickly, so she's trapped in the house, that's why she's wearing a nightgown while her siblings are dressed nicely.
Gwyn is Damien's older sister, not his mother, just to be clear. Yes, she bears a STRIKING resemblance to Rayven, does she not? 

Young Damien Deathglare-Played by Dai Ceston
Clarissa Deathglare-Played by Ettarde Drake
Gwyn Deathglare-Played by Rayven Deathglare

You get to see his father in the next chapter! :D Yay!
Thank you for reading!
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